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This wiki explains the requirements, how to get started, and how to find further help. This documentation works best with v1.0.0.0


The VNotify library currently requires an iPhone and the third-party iPhone Application "AppNotifications" (available in the iPhone App Store). Because of the flexible design of the library, it is technically possible to build adapters for (and use) other notification providers - but this is not fully supported yet and was outside the scope of the first release.

Quick Start Guide

Follow this guide for quickly getting acquainted with the VNotify library

1) Download the VNotify Library
Click Here to download the most stable version available.

2) Open and configure the console example
Open the console example source code and enter your AppNotifications API Key into the constant string "APIKey".

3) Step through the console example
Start the console example in debug mode. The debugger will break just before the first example. Step into the first example (F11) and step through each commented line at your leisure (F10). Repeat for the three other examples as the messages are sent to your iPhone and the library is clearly explained to you by example.

Further Documentation

Quick and comprehensive documentation is provided for the library:

Click Here To Download Quick Documentation (Everything needed for using the library with AppNotifications service)
Click Here To Download Full Documentation (Contains additional documentation for the inner workings of the library)

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